Wampanoag Language

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Unnontoowaonk : a language peculiar to a people or nation

The Our Father

God   Manit

Great Father   Mishe Wutooshimau

Beyond the Stars   Ongkome Na Anocksuck

I Cry Your Name  Neen Mishontoowau Wesuonk

This is your Creation   Yeu su Kenau Muttae-  ohke

You give me all    Kenau Magou Neen Wamut

Forgive my wrongs  Num-Mahche Ahquontam

Help me to Forgive Annumau-ahquoantausuonk

Keep me from Sin   Wadchanumeh wutche Matchuk

And the Evil One    Kah ne Matchuk Negut

Amen    Neen Wunnamptam



























































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